Colonization 1.0.0

Colonization 1.0.0: How fast can you conquer the area?

In this game there will be a grid of coloured blocks, your home block is marked with the flag. The object of this game is to turn all the blocks to the same colour as the colour of your home block. Each time you make a move, you click on a block and all the blocks that are connected to your home block will be turned to the colour of that block, after a number of clicks you will be able to turn all the blocks to the same colour. The fewer the move

The Return To Citadel: Tri Pack 2.23: A straightforward, addictive mind-crasher with 180 levels and a tutorial!
The Return To Citadel: Tri Pack 2.23

The Commander decided that a special training facility was needed to provide an elite corps of pilots for the advanced military units used in colonization and reconnaissance work. The Academy for Advanced Pilots was founded in 2813 to meet this requirement. With an intake of over a hundred would be pilots a year, only a few meet the requirement of skills. In order to graduate from the Citadel cadets must complete 180 missions...

game, citadel, puzzle, logic

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